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Who We Are

Our Lessons are designed to boost confidence and develop skills in Maths and English.

At Learninet, we are passionate about helping children reach their full potential in maths and English. Our team of experienced educators and tutors are dedicated to providing the best learning experience for every student. We understand that every child has their own individual needs and struggles, so our customised program is designed to ensure they are given the right resources and guidance to help them reach their goals.

We believe that all students should have access to quality education, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities. Our team of experienced educators use innovative and creative teaching approaches to help our students reach their fullest potential.

Learninet is an educational platform designed to help children of all ages improve their understanding of core subjects. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive learning experience that can be tailored to individual needs. We offer a range of resources that can be used both in the classroom and at home.

We make learning fun and engaging, so that our students can learn more effectively and develop life-long skills. We are committed to helping our students succeed and grow in their educational journey.

Our Phonics, English and maths lessons are aligned with the UK national curriculum and can be used by parents and teachers to help their children and pupils keep up with or surpass their peers at school. We also offer online classes and assessments to check the progress of your child. With Learninet, you can rest assured that your child is receiving the best possible education.

Our lessons are designed to build a strong foundation of language and literacy skills and encourage the development of a love for learning. 

Our online platform provides educational lessons for All Phonics For Reception, Year One and Year 2, Plus English for Reception and Year 1 and Maths for Reception primary school students. Our lessons are designed to be fun and interactive, making learning an enjoyable experience. Our experienced team of tutors are dedicated to helping our students reach their academic goals.

Our team of experienced educators have designed our Maths and English lessons to be in support of the national curriculum.

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