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Year 3


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Welcome to our stimulating Year 3 online learning adventure, where we dive deep into the worlds of Maths and English, providing a rich and engaging educational experience for our young learners. Our prerecorded lessons take students on an exciting journey through these essential subjects. Each lesson is paired with a worksheet book to reinforce the concepts covered, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience.

Maths Lessons:

Advanced Number Concepts: In this lesson, students will explore advanced number concepts, including place value, rounding, and understanding numbers on a deeper level.

Multiplication and Division Mastery: Building on their math knowledge, students will explore multiplication and division with larger numbers, word problems, and real-world applications.

Geometry and Measurement: This lesson introduces complex geometric shapes, angles, and measurements. Students will dive into the world of measurement and comparison of lengths, weights, and volume.

Data Analysis and Problem Solving: Children will learn to collect, represent, and interpret data through graphs and charts. Problem-solving skills will be honed through a range of mathematical scenarios.

English Lessons:

Advanced Reading and Comprehension: Students will delve into more complex reading materials and answer in-depth comprehension questions. Advanced reading strategies and critical thinking will be emphasized.

Grammar and Writing Mastery: This lesson focuses on mastering grammar and sentence structure. Students will enhance their writing skills, exploring different writing styles and text types.

Vocabulary Enrichment: Vocabulary expansion will continue, introducing more advanced words and their usage in context.

Creative Writing and Story Development: Through interactive storytelling and creative writing exercises, students will unleash their creativity and develop their storytelling abilities further.

Worksheet Book:

To reinforce the concepts covered in both Maths and English lessons, each Year 3 student will receive a downloadable worksheet book. This book includes a variety of activities, such as:

  • Advanced Math Problem Solving: Challenging math problems and puzzles to apply mathematical knowledge in real-world scenarios and improve critical thinking.

  • Grammar and Writing Challenges: Activities to strengthen language and grammar skills and provide opportunities for creative writing.

  • Reading Comprehension and Analysis: Longer reading passages followed by comprehensive questions to deepen reading comprehension and analytical skills.

  • Advanced Vocabulary Building: Activities that introduce new words and their contextual usage, expanding students' vocabulary.

Website and Accessibility:

Our user-friendly website provides easy access to lessons and worksheet books. Parents and students can log in at their convenience, allowing for flexible learning. The website also offers comprehensive customer information, including support contacts, frequently asked questions, and user guides to ensure a seamless learning experience.

Join us on this enriching journey through Year 3 Maths and English, where learning is both enjoyable and rewarding for our young learners. Let's continue to nurture a love for these essential subjects together!

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