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Year 1 - Week 3 - English- Phonics - "ea" is for "tea"

Year 1 Phonics
"ea" is for "tea"

The "ea" spelling is a way to write the long /e/ sound in English. It's often in the middle or end of words like "meat," "bean," and "tea."

Sometimes, it's at the beginning, like in "ear" or "east."

A grapheme is a letter or group of letters that stands for a sound in a word. The "ea" in this case represents the sound /ee/.

Year 1 - Week 3 - English: This week's lessons cover Prepositions, 'ie' for 'pie', Rhyming, Sentence Building, and 'ea' is for 'tea'.

Your child can practice 'ea' is for 'tea' without requiring a username and password.

Week 3 English
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